In September 2019, AUSCARE Support CEO Max King contacted Pulse to start a digital marketing campaign to increase inbound calls and enquiries to grow Auscare’s client base. Auscare Support is all about helping NDIS participants achieve their goals. They are an NDIS provider that specialises in Plan Management, Support Coordination and offers a Budget Builder service. The company enables participants to implement their NDIS plan to make sure they’re getting the most out of their NDIS service.




The challenge


The challenge was establishing our client’s brand in a sensitive space where families have experienced considerable suffering and frustration.

Plan management, or the service to administer a person’s NDIS plan, is a straightforward service but specialised enough that the average client might not be easily able to distinguish what makes the companies that offer this service different from each other. However, because many clients experience difficult and frustrating situations regularly, Auscare’s client-focused approach was a strong selling point. We needed to communicate to potential clients that Auscare was different and worth their time and attention.

The solution


Storytelling and video were the foundation of Pulse Agency’s approach. The creation of videos telling real stories allowed us to explain Auscare’s value proposition without naming the benefits of selling the brand.




We also created a campaign to promote the amazing Rock Solid People Podcast that is still active as of November 2021.




After careful research, we planned the campaign to target people browsing for NDIS related information via Google search. By using interest-based targeting, we were able to find our audiences on Facebook, Instagram and Youtube. 


We also created a series of content hubs and webinars to offer free valuable information about the NDIS for families and users and establish Auscare as a trustworthy authority in the area. 

During this process we performed PPC, SEO, website design and coding, produced social ads and created a variety of content for Auscare Support.





We helped Auscare double its client base in six months.


Form submissions: 146.15 %
Call volume increase: 688.89 %





We also created new landing pages frames, a new website [ Design & Coding), and a new content hub structure for organic traffic.



Client Testimonial via Upwork