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Ocean Glass Australia finds success in ads management by switching to Pulse Agency

April 17, 2021


marco Fasano


Ocean Glass Australia is a leading provider of glass solutions for the northern beaches and north Sydney suburbs. Their specialty is providing glass pool fences, balustrades, and engineered glass solutions to both the residential and commercial markets. They have built a loyal customer base over the years by putting a strong emphasis on quality.

The challenge

Ocean Glass Australia’s Google Ads account was previously managed by freelancers who lacked a solid strategy for making their ad campaigns work effectively. Despite the fact that leads were generated, the majority of them were unqualified, and the cost of generating those leads was quite high, which was correlated with low conversion rates. As a result, a significant amount of advertising spend was wasted.

The solution

Pulse Agency came to the rescue by onboarding Ocean Glass Australia for a three-month test, during which they created a brief, suggested website changes, created new campaigns, and put their strategy into action. They prioritised the main products, undertook an optimisation of the account and showed results within 3 to 4 weeks after the deployment.

To begin with, Pulse Agency suggested changes to the website that would ensure a seamless user experience, leading to a lower bounce rate and better conversions. They then created new campaigns that focused on the top-performing products, targeting relevant audiences based on demographic and behavioural factors.

Pulse Agency implemented a thorough optimisation process that involved continuous monitoring of the ad campaigns, tweaking ad copies, and bid adjustments based on the performance data. They also used advanced tracking tools to measure the effectiveness of the campaigns and made data-driven decisions to ensure better ROI.

The results were astounding, with Ocean Glass Australia seeing a 30% increase in qualified leads within the first month of working with Pulse Agency. The improved targeting and optimisation strategies delivered better quality leads, while the reduction in ad spend resulted in significant cost savings.

The result 


Conversion rate + 109%

Cost per conversion – 39%



- 39%
Cost per conversion

+ 109%
Conversion rate


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“I began working with Nicolas and Pulse Agency a few months ago. Pulse are managing the digital marketing for my brand, Vitajuwel, which is the leading European manufacturer of gem water products in the world. In a short time, there has been a huge improvement in the return on advertising dollars spent. I am most impressed with the knowledge and professionalism that Pulse displays and I would recommend them to others without hesitation. Ralph Silverman – Vitajuwel Australia”

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