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Local footprint​

An agency involved with the local Community

Local Footprint: Pulse Agency's Commitment to the Community

At Pulse Agency, we believe in the power of community engagement and fostering strong local connections. Our director, Nico, actively participates in the growth and development of the local business landscape by serving as co-chair of the Surry Hills Business Partnership and as a director of the Local Precincts not-for-profit organization.

Local Precincts

Four local chambers of commerce join forces to achieve better results.

Local Precincts unites various Sydney local precincts, such as Surry Hills, Chippendale, Redfern, Camperdown, and more, working together to promote collaboration and shared growth among local businesses. This organisation also manages the Local Rewards program and app, initially funded by the City of Sydney. In August 2023, Local Precincts has been accepted to be part of the selected 300 start ups to be part of UTS start-ups program.


Local Rewards

Shop, earn and give back, all in one app!

The Local Rewards program aims to support local businesses by encouraging residents and visitors to shop and engage with services within the community. The app was recently presented at the Uptown Accelerator event organised by Impact NSW and is eagerly awaiting the results later this year.


Through our active involvement in local initiatives, Pulse Agency is committed to contributing to the well-being and progress of the communities we serve, fostering a vibrant and thriving local economy.