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Vitajuwel improves shopify sales by 91% after 30 days with Pulse

June 26, 2020


Nicolas Pustilnick Colombres



About Vitajuwel


 The founders of VitaJuwel and their family have lived in Southern Germany for more than ten generations. Their home is nestled amidst untouched nature with the sounds of crickets and frogs near mountain streams and glacier lakes.

Inspired by their natural environment, the family drew on the ancient tradition of placing gemstones in their carafes of water. This was the fundamental principle in producing today’s VitaJuwel products.

The gemstones, however, needed regular cleaning. Also, the water was directly exposed to any possible contaminants from the gemstones. In 2007, an ingenious idea from a family member addressed these concerns. The idea was to seal the gemstones within a glass vial, and in that way protect the water from direct exposure to the gemstones. This method of containing the gemstones within a glass vial resulted in creating drinking water that is hygienic, natural, and sustainable.




The Challenge


When we inherited the campaign from the previous consultant, the sales were low, the site was slow, the conversions were not attributed properly and there was no strategy in place.

The higher quality of the bottles resulted in a more expensive product than their competitors. We needed to discover how best to sell these beautiful water bottles and really communicate their quality.





The Solution


First, Pulse Agency made sure the data was being measurement property, and did a thorough analysis of the business model, assets and the buyer persona motivations and frustrations. We come up with a scalable solution for Vitjuwel to test different marketing channels while lowering the Cost Per Conversion dramatically.

First Google ads, search, remarketing, and shopping was set up for optimisation. After that, we started testing Facebook angles and Youtube videos. During this process, we ran Google ads campaigns, Youtube Marketing, Facebook ads campaigns and created a new website design.



New website design by Pulse



Total sales: + 91 %
Online store sessions: + 75%
Returning customer rate: + 13 %
Total orders: + 68 %

Client testimonial via GMB reviews  – Ralph Silverman – Owner

New website designed by Pulse


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“Nicolas´ commitment to success exceed my expectations. He monitored the results closely and made adjustment to our…”

“I have worked with Nico and his team over 5 years, and would be LOST without him. His knowledge is encyclopaedic, his approach methodical and his enthusiasm to deliver results genuine. I highly recommend Nico to be part of your team, for the long haul”

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“I began working with Nicolas and Pulse Agency a few months ago. Pulse are managing the digital marketing for my brand, Vitajuwel, which is the leading European manufacturer of gem water products in the world. In a short time, there has been a huge improvement in the return on advertising dollars spent. I am most impressed with the knowledge and professionalism that Pulse displays and I would recommend them to others without hesitation. Ralph Silverman – Vitajuwel Australia”

“Pulse Agency has really made a difference to my business!

With their professionalism, they have been able to properly explain the technical aspects of their plan for my line of work, in a way that I could understand.

Since I engaged the services of Pulse Agency, my business has grown and become more prominent in my industry area.”