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Welcome to Finger on the Pulse, our digital marketing specialised blog.

Here you’ll find articles and case studies about SEO, Local SEO, PPC, Social media and content marketing.

We welcome contributors, if you like to be an author or guest blogger for our blog please get in touch with us.

By Leigh Harris

Digital Flipbook SEO A Case Study

Background: We’ve had an exciting time of it recently working closely with an online digital magazine/flipbook company to try to improve their rankings and get them more exposure. The company was not actively prospecting for […]

By Leigh Harris

How to do a content audit

For the purpose of this article, we will limit ourselves to content found online. Thus, in web publishing terms, a “contact audit” is simply the process of looking at elements of information found on […]

By Nicolas Pustilnick

Stop the pointless clicks now

There used to be a community interaction between blogs and writers that was an excellent exchange of information, dedicated work, and professionalism. It took the shape of “guest blogging” and was all about writing guest […]




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