When Tyrrells approached Pulse Agency, they had over thirty years in the market, and more than 105,000 completed inspections. Tyrrells was a clear leader in the building consultancy industry. Formed in 1983 by architect and builder Jerry Tyrrell and builder Peter Ellis, Tyrrells had a solid foundation. But they knew that the world was changing for everyone and that they would need to adapt to this new landscape. Yellow pages and personal recommendations were their bread and butter, but they recognised that to succeed they would need to adopt some new marketing strategies. 

Pulse Agency proposed a digital marketing strategy that would take advantage of Tyrrells strong foundation and proactively ensure they stayed industry leaders. 

A picture is worth a thousand words. Building a home requires a wide variety of people to be involved, all while under the constant tension of market forces. Art has a great value in representing complex ideas and systems in clear, digestible, and engaging forms like cartoons. 



The building process includes many people and market forces that are in constant tension. A picture is worth a thousand words.


The challenge


We needed to show a successful and long-standing company the value of Google in today’s business climate. So, how do we do that?

We showed Tyrrells board of directors that through the correct use of Google, Tyrrells could appear every time a person was looking for the building and construction services they offer. They recognised the value of our approach and brought Pulse Agency onboard. 




Through creative storytelling, we can catch the attention of online customers and make somewhat dry topics more engaging and relevant to their offline reality.


An ambitious plan:


Step 1 – Understand the market and the customers’ needs
We investigated how people searched Google when they needed a building inspection and came to understand the different problems they faced and how essential Tyrrells services were for them.

Step 2 – Develop a quality content strategy to help solve clients’ real-life problems.
We created a content strategy where quality and explanation were the priorities.

Step 3 – Tailor the explanations to the type of search and the problems Tyrrells customers wanted to solve.

Step 4 – Show the value of the Tyrrells team and its ISO 9001 certified methodology with storytelling and video.

Step 5 – Use SEO, Search Marketing, and social media to promote Tyrrells unique strengths. 

Step 6 – Use our customer intelligence dashboards to qualify the leads and quantify the effectiveness of its sales staff to close sales from phone conversations.



A novel approach for a ‘more “traditional” industry.


Storytelling and video


Pulse Agency used video, written content, and artwork to creatively explain solutions to Tyrrells’ client’s real-world issues and communicate the ways Tyrrells could help. This resulted in of great organic and paid rankings for Tyrrells. 

We established Tyrrells as a trustable company and made it clear to their potential customers that Tyrrells was a different Property Inspections company, a company they could rely on. 

We also redeveloped their website with a mobile-first approach after understanding that younger demographics were an important demographic for Tyrrells.




The Solution


Today Tyrrells has a sustainable system to acquire clients whose return exceeds ten times the value of their investment.


Some stats:


Leads per month

The number sits in the hundreds making the business a strong competitor in the marketing department.


ROAS or the return of advertising spend:


Tyrrells achieved 10X ROAS, meaning for every dollar Tyrrells spends is getting $10 in return!



Calls to the business: +  50% Y/Y


Sales as a result of leads: + 15%


Branding trend growth:

This measures how many people search the company name every month in Google.

Grew 18% over 2021