About Safety Graphics


Safety Graphics is a company that specialises in producing fully compliant evacuation diagrams, emergency plans and guides for clients throughout Australia. They act as wholesale suppliers to fire services companies, property managers and developers as well as dealing directly with individual clients. They work with single-level domestic properties, as well as large multi-level factories.




The Challenge


Safety Graphics was a reasonably new brand in the Emergency Evacuation maps industry when they approached Pulse Agency.

With almost no footprint in an industry dominated by five old-time players, SEO was going to take time and Google ads weren’t the cheapest proposition at the time.



The Solution

We started with Google ads campaign, using great landing pages to communicate Safety Graphics services to their potential clients.

Parallel to the Google ads campaigns, we start producing and SEO results we made Safety Graphics appear for a lot of very important keywords.

We created links, a content strategy plan and have the website’s UX and speed optimised.




September 2020 vs September 2019


Goal completions: + 36.84 %  —->  resulting in hundreds of new clients.





1st result for the big keywords ”emergency evacuation diagrams in Google Images





Review by Leigh Harris @ Google My business reviews