TGF follows the principles of regenerative farming which, in a nutshell, means they put the ecological health of their soil and farm first. 

The farm is owned by Matilda Brown parents  Bryan Brownand Rachel Ward. You might know them as actors/ film-makers/ celebrities, and great people

Rachel the fearless farmer and ‘hands-on the ground’ is responsible for managing our cattle alongside farmer Mick.

The challenge


How could we sell the concept of regenerative farming,’ which, while not new, is frequently not well recognised, to a Sydneysider audience that isn’t used to eating the whole animal, or nose to tail, as the brand promise?


Scott Gooding

The Solution

Is not the cow is the How, was the brand vehicle used to create fantastic videos featuring Scott Gooding cooking exquisite T bones and Matilda brown chatting to her mother about the concepts of the regenerative farming philosophy.

We also had the benefit of working with wonderful pictures given by Scott, which depicted those beautiful T bones in a food-porn-like presentation.




Sales ( 3 month  comparison ) = +87%
brand search in google = +500%