Matilda Molly Brown was born in 1987 and is an Australian actress, writer and director.

Matilda Brown is best known for her work in the short film series Lessons From The Grave, where she stars opposite her father and Hollywood celebrity Bryan Brown. Her mother is the actress Rachel Ward

“Til” Approached Pulse with the idea to improve and promote an online shop she owned. The shop was part of a website that promoted an Airbnb house by the beach rental. 

The shop supports local producers, environmentally friendly packaging products, organic products, aboriginal producers and many other inclusive reasons. The shop also displayed a complete and growing catalogue of different products under the philosophy.

Matilda M brown

The challenge

As great as this shop was, after a case audit and a few conversations with Matilda, the challenge seemed to be:


  1. Having the shops as part of another entity was a little confusing for users and enabled the shop’s promotion. 
  2. The shop lacked a brand identity since it used the same name as the Airbnb service.
  3. The shop lacked a user experience identity and needed a better website design.
  4. No engaging strategy was being deployed on the site to make users understand and onboard on what was Matilda’s project standing for. Even though the intentions were clear, there was still a lot to do to communicate the concept to the users. The website’s technical functionality seemed to lack some critical functionalities in the e-commerce field. 


The challenge required some agreements with Matilda. As she is very open to new ideas,  we started to collaborate on the new ideas to try and come out with a new concept for her shop and for her business to grow.

The Solution

After a few meetings between Matilda and our team, the concept idea emerged. 

The first big decision was to detach the shop from the Airbnb rental and create a new brand name and identity, for which we created a new logo. 



New logo set and brand identity for




We decided to create a new website in Shopify, given that the platform offers a set of functionalities and integrations ideal for the case. 


We mapped and created a reward system for the website that associated each product with all their support reasons ( like organic, aboriginal made, local producer, etc.)  that the shop had as part of its philosophy. We created ten categories and the Brownie point system that lets users know more about what they support with their purchase and rewards them with points. The brownie points are exchangeable for discounts in future investments in the shop.


The new website design was planned and executed by our design team and the collaboration of Matilda’s cousin, a designer as well,  who added some beautiful ideas. The site launched in February / March of 2022.