In July 2021 Hugh Roxburgh, Managing Partner of Buckley’s Rye Whiskey, asked Pulse to think of a campaign to promote Buckley’s Rye Whisky. 

The product, an award-winning whiskey made from rye and well-received on bars and bottle shops, still did not have a solid eCommerce and brand strategy for the end consumer.

Tasks performed: Facebook ads campaign

The Challenge


How to sell a whiskey whose brand refers to an Australian character, which to date has been bottled in America without mentioning Australia in an industry origin and prestige plays a preponderant role?


How to double ROAS in one month?

The previous agency did not have great results, and the company was losing money instead of making it. Buckley’s first goal was to double in the first month.


How to achieve both during a Covid lockdown?



The Solution


We developed a strategy based on creativity, the quality of visual assets, using excellent videos, images that will tell the story. The reception of these creative pieces was very positive, clearly showing a big improvement in click-through rates compared to previous periods.








Pulse managed to accomplish and exceed Buckley’s goals, getting a much better conversion rate performance and improving the company’s fan base and click-through rates in numbers above 15%.

Conversion rate improvements: + 224%
ROAS improvement: + 256 %
Ads CTR improvements: + 25 %
Fan base improvement: + 15 %