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The Challenge


Acme recently updated their website which was not mobile friendly and contained a lot of flash components. This meant we had to start SEO from scratch. 

Acme was a reputable brand, with loads of mentions in different sites and some interesting activity in Pinterest, we needed to come up with a strategy to improve their rankings, create and AdWords campaigns to attract new customers while we built the SEO profile.


Website before migration:



After Migration



The Solution


To begin, Pulse did a thorough investigation, mapping all new URLs which had been used in Pinterest and gained great tracking inside the social network.

We also came up with new boards and pins which quickly started getting pins and re-pins.

We implemented schema markup and fixed all the local citations which were inconsistent.

We fixed all the common SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) technical errors which were preventing Google from indexing the site properly.

We conducted link building and citation building campaigns.

We created very successful AdWords campaigns.

We created very successful adwords campaigns which obtained 9.8% conversion rate.




Goal conversions:




Goal completions: + 56.36%


Goal conversion rate: + 24.44%


Callback form requests: + 80.95%


Mobile phone number clicks: + 38.89%


Contact us forms: + 43.75%


Organic users trend via Semrush:  100% + improvement.





Campaigns results after 4 months with Pulse


Organic rankings for 4th March 2017 [ 4 months into the campaign ]


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