Align sales and marketing with a CRM to gain insights to grow your business.


CRM, which stands for “customer relationship management,” is a business process and a set of tools that help an organisation keep track of its clients.

Today, sales dev/ops is a fancier name to assist the industry and dispel an old misconception that a CRM is a significant, expensive machine-type software that large organisations can only afford.

CRMs are now simple to use, interface with all other technologies, and are relatively inexpensive.

At Pulse Agency, we believe CRMs are the future and the missing link in many companies to improve sales and marketing performance or mismatch.

At Pulse, we work with major CRMs. Still, we’ve designed a custom version utilising HighLevel CRM because it interacts with Twilio and Mailgun, two of the largest and cheapest IP phone/SMS and mail providers, which benefits our clients and us.