Client: Flatmate Finders


The company was in need of some real assistance in marketing its burgeoning real estate share accommodation website.


The challenge


The company had the base audience, the web design, and the experience in the market. However they were having trouble after their November 2015 redevelopment. Although they were able to give their customers a drastically improved customer experience, site traffic was decreasing. Because the site performed more like an app than a website, Google was not able to properly crawl it.

New competition had also come into the market and this competition was fierce. Their new competitor was using tactics that were not exactly above board to rank well, increasing pay-per-click expenditures across the board. On top of this, the site had some implementation issues, among them there were HTML errors and duplicate site indexing problems.




Source: Wordstream

Shows the average CTR and Average CPC trends before we started the campaign.

Despite all of these issues, Flatmate Finders also had some advantages. Its Facebook page was an organic hit with an extremely high conversion rate. Most of the content was customer-generated and very authentic instead of being initiated by the company as with most Facebook pages.

The solution

Our Strategy


In order to take advantage of the organic traffic of the business, Pulse decided to leverage the formidable monthly count for Flatmate Finders branded searches with links to on-page optimisations and an entirely new set of landing pages. All profiles were interlinked and localised for target cities and postal codes, and the pages were optimised for relevant long-tail keywords, such as “share accommodation Bondi Junction”, a much more effective strategy than the shorter and more generic keywords that the company had been targeting.

In addition, Pulse optimised for Google through more index friendly customer profiles and soliciting customer reviews.

Pulse was able to increase the sustainability of the site by fixing all of the major HTML errors and deduplicate the website. The site went from 100 percent replication to a single indexed site that achieved much higher prominence in search results almost immediately.

The Facebook traffic of the business was targeted through a widget that encouraged visitors to the page to share the profile on Facebook.

Finally, SEO was improved through a link outreach campaign that specifically targeted .edu and .gov websites and limited the site’s link profile to sites of high authority.

Pulse also monitored the progress of the program through events, goals, and UTM parameters to help Flatmate Finders understand what changes were being made, as well as create accessibility to relevant data.

Comparing January year on year organic traffic, the site saw a loss of 16.96 percent. At the same time, the average CPC was skyrocketing, creating the framework for lower ROI. Flatmate Finders was actually seeing a markedly lower performance in search and in traffic after improving its website.




Source: Google Analytics YOY traffic comparison


The Results


In six months, Flatmate Finders saw a 27.42% increase in visitors.
Pulse was able to dramatically lower the cost per acquisition while increasing conversion rates. The organic traffic of the site began to show a positive trend in April with a 4.19% increase in overall clicks as reported by Google search. Organic traffic continued to improve into May, and in June, SEMRush began to trend Flatmate Finders. Overall, monthly users increased by 27.42%.

Public review Via LinkedIn


Guy Mitchell, Flatmate Finders

‘’I contacted Pulse Agency to help me arrest a decline in website traffic as a result of aggressive competition and my focus on technical aspects of my business, rather than marketing, for the 12 months prior. Nicolas was fantastic in so many ways. He did the necessary research to diagnose the issue and developed a plan to address three key areas of concern, including SEO, PPC and social media marketing. We worked together for five months to implement his plan and achieved great results. Nicolas’ commitment to success exceeded my expectations. He monitored the results closely and made adjustments to our strategy where necessary. He also kept abreast of competitor activity, researched better ways to implement our SEO strategy and injected a great deal of energy into our business. I high recommend Nicolas for his digital marketing skills, problem-solving ability and commitment to success.”