Bunny Studio is a global voice-over market and solutions company that operates in more than 20 countries across the globe. They offer audio ads, writing, graphic, and video services in addition to their voiceovers.

In 2019, Bunny Studio approached Pulse with a clear objective of growing its organic search traffic. They wanted to dominate some important areas related to their voice-over services in countries like the United States, Colombia, Mexico, and Spain.


The challenge


The challenge for Pulse was to figure out how to use all the company assets, mentions, and content in a way that would allow Google to clearly identify Bunny Studio as a global leader in the space. 



The solution


 Research: Branded vs non-branded traffic analysis:


Our research was focused initially on understanding and separating the branded search intent. In other words, we asked ourselves how the brand performed when users were searching for things like ‘’voice bunny’’ compared to services-driven keywords, where users were looking for solutions to their problems. By having a good understanding of the brand power or potential we created a branded SERP strategy, or a group of tactics to help Google show the right elements when users were searching for the brand. 


SEO meets creativity, meets User-generated content 


Working with a global market means working with amazing talents that use the market to promote themselves.

By conducting a thorough keyword research, we understood that voiceovers are highly popular and that users like to search for certain types of voiceovers more than others. Unsurprisingly, we found that people were frequently searching for celebrity voiceovers. We utilised quality voice actors from overseas to record celebrity impersonation voiceovers and used them in creative ways to the benefit of the brand and the professional voice actors.


We created an integrated SEO strategy covering audio, video, written content, and user-generated content with a powerful technical approach that told Google all activities were part of the same Brand, or as Google called it, Entity. 

The online video sharing platform Youtube is an area where voice work and voice-overs, in particular, are extremely prevalent. It is an audio-based ecosystem, where anyone from an amateur with a phone to professionals and companies with highly technical equipment and complex needs.

To take advantage of this massively popular platform, we used the quality voice talent at our disposal to create content, targeting searches of users looking for imitations of famous actors and characters. 

Our voicebanks include the professional voice actor’s impersonations of Antonio Banderas, Sean Connery, and Morgan Freeman.


Audio samples






We paired our approach with user-generated content. These were professionals that used images, videos, and audio across different channels to generate traffic to Bunny Studio. As a result of doing all of this, we increased Voice Bunny’s organic traffic by 38% in 8 months, boosted conversions by 18%, and improved branded traffic by 37%.




Organic traffic:  + 38 % Y/Y after 6 months. 


Conversions: + 18 % 


Branded traffic: +  37 % 



Client Testimonial : Catalina Cortes Gutierrez – Marketing Director Bunny Studio