TASTI NZ wanted to launch their products into the Australian market with national distribution through Woolworths and Coles supermarket chains.

Their only marketing for the first 12 months from April 2014 was to be a soft social media strategy.

Their Australian advertising agency approached The Pulse Agency to develop and activate a Facebook page with the aim of building 10,000 quality LIKES within 12 months.
Through a comprehensive strategy of daily posts, user engagement, promotions, competitions and creative imagery we achieved our aims 3 months ahead of schedule and within the agreed budget.




The Challenge


For us the challenge is how could acquire the fans but also to improve their Australian presence, being a Kiwi classic FMCG company, full of kiwi iconography and almost unknown in for the general people in Australia.


The Solution


For us the solution at the time was to work with Facebook apps and create visually engaging and rewarding competitions. 

While creating the games and competitions, we also made a lot of posts and content to understand what the resulting audiences were interested in consuming.

Some of the topics we created were: Listicles, infographics, stories, video ads, and worked different angles to gather valuable insights for a full disembarkment