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Understanding audiences, a critical step to master your digital marketing campaigns

Nicolas Pustilnick Colombres



3 years ago

Facebook and Instagram VOICE and AI

  AI-based Tools which will help understand your audience needs’ and interactions   No matter how good or bad your products or services are, they become useless if you fail to present them in front of the right audience. This is why the very first step a marketer should take before launching any campaign is […]


AI-based Tools which will help understand your audience needs’ and interactions


No matter how good or bad your products or services are, they become useless if you fail to present them in front of the right audience. This is why the very first step a marketer should take before launching any campaign is to make sure they truly understand their targeted audience.[wl_faceted_search]

Once you know your target audience completely, you can focus on reaching that specific audience, using the right tools.

So, the starting point should be the definition of your buying persona, defined by Neil Patel as „a semi-fictional representation of your ideal customer, based on market research and real data about your existing customers.” To create your own buyer’s persona, he suggests answering these questions:


  • What demographics do they occupy?
  • What does a typical day in their life look like?
  • What are their pain points?
  • What problem are they trying to solve when accessing your website or landing page?



Technology has transformed marketing

Today’s marketers have many advanced tools at their disposal, which can help them easily understand their public’s preferences and buying behaviour.

With Facebook Audience Insights, you get access to aggregate information about two groups of people—people connected to your Page and people on Facebook—so you can create content that resonates and easily find more people like the ones in your current audience.

Using  YouTube FindMyAudience tool, you can find the people who matter most to your business so you can discover new audiences and learn how to reach them individually with relevant messages. Once you’ve identified your audiences, you can download your free audience profile and then use the insights to start a YouTube campaign that reaches people who will most likely be interested in your products or services.

If you want to work with an advanced marketing tool which identifies your customers’ biggest sources of influence  ⁠—so you can reach them where they hang out, opt for SparkToro. The advantage offered by SparkToro is the possibility to crawl tens of millions of social and web profiles to find what your audience reads, listens to, watches, follows, shares, and talks about online.

There are many strategies that can be used to research targeting interests, from using Google to search for categories related to your niche to checking your customer’s profiles on Facebook to see which fan pages or interests they like. It is advisable to start out by just trying a few and stick to the ones you find more useful.

Obviously, a good marketers’ goal is to reach their audience more accurately than the competitors by spending less and getting better ad performance at the same time.

Digital marketing is not the only area benefitting from the advantages of AI. Artificial Intelligence allows a deeper connection between marketing and sales, reinventing the traditional sales processes and changing the sales landscape completely.



When marketing meets sales

As Jill Rowley put it, “ #AI Will Reinvent Sales…and Sales Professionals”. Today, sales software does everything from scheduling meetings to identifying sales behaviours that close more deals. “That’s how artificial intelligence (AI) is changing the sales landscape today.”

For example, Nudge is a sales platform that uses AI to help sales leaders drive high performance. Nudge will keep your CRM 100% up to date with every contact, every interaction, and every relationship, simplifying the activity of your sales team.

PeopleAI helps teams close more business, maximizing their efficiency. people has developed a complete behavioural analytics solution that determines which sales rep behaviours are most likely to close a deal.

Calendar improves time management by putting together the data from your calendar use. With Calendar’s smart scheduling link, sales professionals can easily find the best meeting times.

Crystal’s AI offers personality insights at the point of need, helping sales professionals communicate better with customers, prospects, and co-workers.

Troops’ AI helps sales pros maintain their sales pipeline more easily as it automatically tracks Salesforce data and presents it to them in an easy-to-digest way. A few clicks will do the trick.




Content marketing and AI


AI in marketing helps better target messages so that the right information reaches the right person at the right time. With so much information at our hands, this kind of service has become a huge necessity.

For example, good content marketing software backed by AI is MarketMuse. The software analyzes web content, samples it, and builds pre-processed models that are called “high-dimensional vector spaces.” Then, they analyze millions of articles on a given topic by understanding related topics and follow links until they build sets of millions of content items.

Of course, AI has its limits. Artificial intelligence is excellent at pattern recognition, but it still needs a human to guide it and make decisions. To get the desired results, there is always a trained human behind the machine.

NLP and marketing

In a world where Google dominates 70% of search and half the searches have no clicks due to rich results, understanding how users will consume the different pieces of content is crucial.

To understand searchers’ intent better, last year, Google introduced and open-sourced a neural network-based technique for NLP pre-training called Bidirectional Encoder Representations from Transformers –BERT, for short.

Applying BERT models to both rankings and featured snippets in search, Google can do a much better job helping users find the information they were hoping for. BERT is getting better at grasping the subtle nuances of language that computers could not understand until now. Hence, Google now understands the context of the words in users’ queries, so that users can search for information in a more natural way.

SEO in the BERT era

As Google changed the way it processes users’ queries, SEO strategies have changed too. Today, the best way to answer different user intents is to structure website content adding schema.org markup to it, so you can define certain entities that will help search engines better understand your content. Structuring the content of your website properly allows you to reuse it in different environments to match different search intents.

Content structured in this way can help you build Actions for Google Assistant upon entity types such as how-tos, recipes, news articles and podcasts. And in this way, schema.org markup is also useful for voice search. So, entities are interconnected into a cluster which is semantically meaningful. Entities allow us to present different angles of a complex concept.



A marketer’s ultimate goal should always be RELEVANCE. To sell more we need to understand more about our customer’s problems and find better ways to help them. For best results, sales and marketing teams should work hand in hand, completing each other to improve customer interactions. AI technology integration and data sharing will be critical as the customer-facing disciplines converge.

To learn more about the future of voice search, you can check the video below: