A month ago we started working for the local Sydney office of an international software publishing company.

Their rankings were pretty good for a lot of long-tail keywords and their Adwords campaign had been working pretty well due to the high-quality score most of their keywords had.

The site also was pretty good, super optimized (meta titles, descriptions, bullet points, anchor texts and all the rest where in place) the only missing items were microdata and authorship mark-up.

While working on organizing the link building campaign which presented a lot of opportunities due to lack of link building activities done in the past (and therefore no bad footprint or black hat inherited) we started sharing the client’s products and services via our Twitter account.


The use of the right keywords, the proper hashtags and using our own account which is topically related to our client’s products and services, brought some good results (still increasing); 8 retweets and 67 favourites and a good number of clicks towards our client’s website.

We were really surprised when we received Moz’s ranking update the keywords mentioned in the tweet (only 1 tweet): flipbook software, flipbook, flip-book software and flip-book have been pushed up the Google rankings, in fact, the whole group of keywords have risen up the rankings.

Please see below Moz’ ranking report.



Please note we don’t claim that by getting a few retweets any page will rank better. In search, it is all about a combination of factors. In this case, the client’s keywords were already ranking at least on the fourth page, the domain metrics were good and the site was well optimised. The social component added authority to this particular page and the rankings showed this fairly quickly.


How to use twitter to increase social signs:

1-Use an account which is topically related to the client’s products and/or services, or at least has followers which are or were
interested in them at some point.

2- Try to use accounts which have good Social Authority, this post explains really well about Social Authority.

3- The use of proper hashtags is very important. Research what hashtags are relevant to your locality and product/service. There is
no point using hashtags that aren’t targeted.

4- Engage with your followers, don’t just post about your own interests, be part of the conversation by commenting, tweeting, etc.

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