In Pulse Agency, Strategy and Research are pillars to our service offering.


We strive for deep marketing analysis insight and research to understand with hard and soft data the context in which our clients products, services and brands operate.
Using a combination of traditional and new tools with AI components our goal is to get the sense of brands who dominate the market, their positioning and digital marketing strategies and how their audiences behave in the digital world and in real life business situations.

Our research solutions are designed to inform strategies and tactics to achieve real marketing outcomes.


As part of our Content Marketing services we include:

Focussed in traditional tools like SWOT analysis, Porter’s 5 forces analysis of competitors’ positioning maps.

Excellent tool to map the Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and threats related to your specific business. If done correctly, with hard data and real insights this tool can give you a great idea where your business is standing and what strategies could be implemented from the Marketing perspective.

5 Forces analysis
Developed by Michael Porter from Harvard University, this tool is perfect for assessing the market forces in which your company lives. It takes into consideration aspects like suppliers and buyers dynamics, competition.

Competitor positioning map
Mapping your competitor’s positioning using perceptual maps, will help you visualize how different companies position themselves using variables such as price and features to understand what is the game they are playing, are they looking to become a cost leader, or looking for differentiation strategy,

Audience analysis and Customer Avatar creation

Using state of the art tools, we can create buyer personas from your website’s actual traffic, generating visually compelling enriched customer avatars which will help you get a much better idea who your target audience is and how to approach them.

We also use social listening tools and audience research tools to identify how they search for your website, which podcasts they consume and what media they are using to acquire information.

We also pair information from different tools and CMR”s to come up with great customer avatar visualizations based on the client’s real and modeled demographics.

Search and content marketing analysis

3-Search and content marketing analysis
Given Google has become the moden oracle, extracting and mapping search data analysis can get us a lot of valuable information, such as what keywords people use for searching different topics, what are the most questions people ask about them, all with search volume data, trends and cost modelling to acquire a certain topic in search marketing

ROAS (Return on Investment) analysis:

Do you have a lot of leads and sales, but you don’t know what is bringing the results and where are you losing money? We mapped users’ journeys and paired information from your analytics and CRM to understand what traffic sources are bringing the results.

Marketing plan research and execution

Do you need a whole marketing plan produced and executed? At Pulse we produce custom made research and analysis to produce real life marketing plans for your team.

Understanding your business evolution stage is crucial

to find the most relevant and efficient solutions for your organisation's needs

Start up

Idea is already in place

Goal: To understand the cost per acquisition of a lead (CPA), how much it will cost your business to acquire clients and model your growth.

Services: Marketing strategy, positioning, business intelligence, dashboards and automation setup, paid and organic traffic generation channels strategy, and campaigns management and reporting.


A company looking to expand to new markets needs help scaling and managing costs

Goal: To identify the suitability of selling their services or products in new untapped markets.

Services: business marketing research, brand positioning, traffic acquisition modelling, campaign testing, in combination with business dashboard intelligence and automation,


Business ideation stage.

Goal: Understand who are your potential clients, what’s the value they could bring and a cost modelled cost per lead or transaction based on your product/service SWOT analysis.

Services: UX design, digital Strategy and research (traffic trend analysis), SEO, marketing research, buyer persona definition, campaign prototypes and hypothesis generation.


A company has been in the market for a few years, it has a certain number of regular clients, owners tend to get lost in how to grow without breaking the business while doing it. Competition is fierce.

Goal: Identify quality leads by business vertical and profitability. Increase branding exposure to deliver authority in the market.

Services: Business marketing research, brand positioning, conversion rate optimisation, business dashboard intelligence with dashboards and automation, content marketing and traffic generation optimisation. (SEO, Youtube, Facebook, Linkedin and Instagram, Reddit, Pinterest), brand development starts.


The company is one of the leaders in the market, and wants to maintain or increase their market share.

Goal: Get the company to be top of mind in a certain business area.

Services: Content marketing heavily with the use of video, brand asset development. Cross selling and funnels optimisation, online PR and social media marketing.

Understanding your business evolution stage is crucial

to find the most relevant and efficient solutions for your organisation's needs

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