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Our SEO Services will help grow your business.

Want your website to stand out? Search engine optimisation (SEO) is the process of increasing the volume and quality of traffic to your site via search engines, achieving ‘organic’ search results. Organic search results are displayed in the main body of the search engine’s result pages. This process of optimisation allows users to find your website or online branded content when they search using terms related to your business and what it offers.

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As part of our SEO services, we include:

  1. Preliminary report.
    Preliminary SEO analysis, to understand your current situation, your competition an
  2. User buyer personas
    A thorough plan to understand your target users (personas) to identify what sort of content they might be interested in, where to find them and how to incentivise them to complete a conversion, being this a phone call, a newsletter subscription or reading a piece of
    relevant content.
  3. User buyer personas.
    Mapping the user buying cycle to understand the role of the different keywords in it. We do thorough keyword research and come up with a comprehensive list of figures and stats, including monthly searches in Google search, Google trends, and other sources to maximise the results.
  4. SEO optimisation technical report
    In this very complete report, we focus on doing a complete technical analysis of the website to establish all possible errors such as broken URL, Canonical errors, duplicate content identification, keyword cannibalisation, speed and indexing issues and a lot of items which are constantly getting updated following Google and the industry’s best practises.
  5. User experience analysis and report
    A complete User experience report to identify what could be the best user experience for the users to fulfil their queries intent, and therefore address the users query with the best possible landing page. This report includes looking at ways to improve the navigation of the website, but also visual elements according to UX best practises. We also match the information with user engagement metrics such time on site and page, bounce rates, exit pages and many more to improve the site performance.
  6. Content ideas and amplification
    Brainstorm content ideas, not only blog posts but other forms of content having in mind the role that Social Media plays in the current state of digital.

  7. Link Building
    Creating link building campaigns, identifying the best websites to partner with and conduct manual outreach campaigns to get the links that would improve your website backlink profile.

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