Our SEO strategy addresses Google's full business potential.


Search engine optimization (SEO) is the process of improving the quality and quantity of website traffic to a website or a web page from search engines

We use our own eyes and software with artificial intelligence to navigate Google and figure out how people look for products or services like yours online. We also ask questions and gather the information that helps us figure out the opportunity for you in search.


Our holistic approach takes Google’s opportunity as a whole.

The aim of SEO is to identify what opportunities are available for your brand, service and product within the search engine pages.

We also research the competition and assess how a combination of organic and paid traffic can help you take advantage of the marketing opportunity in search.

Our methodology aims to gather intelligence and insights to understand things as such:

Are people looking for these services or products online? If so, how many?

Is your brand a local business? How important is Google Maps for this search?

Is your website new ? or does Google know enough information about your business and all its aspects. 

How can we help Google understand your business and its essential information better?


Our SEO strategy addresses Google’s full business potential.



Pulse believes in smart marketing that drives sales and delivers intelligence to grow your business

As part of our SEO services we include:

Create a buyer persona for your company.

Our buyer persona mapping considers your client’s pain points and gains, the difficulties they are attempting to solve, and how your product or service might assist them.

Before you launch an SEO campaign, you must first understand who your customers are, what they want, and how to provide the solution using intelligent insights, content, and images.

A solid customer profile allows you to better address your customers and prospects with a message that will resonate with them more than if you hadn’t taken the time to consider them in the first place.

A complete examination of your website's health and search engine friendliness

This item offers a detailed technical SEO report with actionable tasks and recommendations for immediate and long-term gains.

Companies should regularly perform a technical audit of the website to discover potential faults such as broken URLs, canonical errors, duplicate content identification, keyword cannibalisation, performance and indexing concerns, and a slew of other updated items.

Our technical report informs on-page optimisation, and we gain knowledge of more than 60+ factors that, when implemented, will make a substantial difference.

We provide a 40-item analysis based on Google E-A- T standards to determine how Google would interpret your brand’s Expertise, Authority, and Trust and how assets might be upgraded, leveraged, or produced to boost search visibility.

Our content analysis can help you generate better, more straightforward material that allows your customers to get the idea and follows Google rules so the search engine can use it best when providing results about you or your business.

Creating clever Google-friendly links to specific pages can help the search engine count links as votes, which is one of the ways Google ranks how authoritative a piece of content is, based on its popularity. At Pulse, we apply cutting-edge technology to assess how internal or external links to specific pages can assist search engines in learning about your site’s content faster.

Do you have good things to say about a website? Is Google linking them to your brand? Our method uses semantic markup to make a knowledge graph, a series of pages written in a way that computers can read and understand. This helps Google figure out who you are, how you relate to your brand, your certifications and other aspects of the business that will enable users to trust your company.

We offer professional, customised services focused on growing your business

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“I have worked with Nico and his team over 5 years, and would be LOST without him. His knowledge is encyclopaedic, his approach methodical and his enthusiasm to deliver results genuine. I highly recommend Nico to be part of your team, for the long haul”

Max King

CEO of Auscare Support - NDIS provider in NSW)

Why Pulse Agency?

Very few agencies can offer all these things at once.

  • A strategy-first approach. We don’t rush clients into a one-size-fits-all strategy. We look closely at each specific challenge before proposing solutions – not the other way around.
  • A personalised service that puts the client’s business and customers at the centre of the strategy.
  • Critical thinking that seeks to understand your customers as more than users, gaining insights into their needs and motivations.
  • A campaign that generates rich data that can tell you more about your business and its customers, helping you set and achieve new goals.
  • A commitment to building your business. We don’t focus on the superficial wins, but on how your online presence can really connect you with your customers.
  • Reasonable pricing. Our business model is designed to keep your costs down while delivering a premium service.
  • Relationships that last for years. Many of our clients have come to see us as strategic partners who are as committed to their success as they are.

At Pulse, we don’t stop at delivering new customers and driving sales.
Our campaigns will allow you to better understand your business and
customers, generating data that helps you plan for sustained growth.

Why our SEO services are different

CRM integrations

We put ourselves in our
customers shoes

We ask our marketing specialists to place themselves in the shoes of your clients. This philosophy helps us develop strategies and visual assets that are relevant and interesting to your customers, so that your brand can put its best foot forward.

CRM integrations

A strategy
first approach

Strategy is everything with search engine optimization. Our framework focuses on documenting and challenging preconceived ideas and assumptions to get the best possible outcome for your business. This tactical approach relies on data, carefully measured metrics and a methodical attitude.


A human-computer collaboration

Given that a good SEO plan needs to persuade Google that your website should be the one that comes up for a certain search query, and that Google is just a tool and that marketing is really for people, our methodology employs AI-driven technology to mimic Google and marketing as a discipline to get people to buy your products or services.


Customer intelligence dashboards & modelling growth

Can’t see the forest for the trees? Our customer intelligence dashboards collect and record all meaningful touch points that your customers engage with. With this significant data, we can create business reports that model growth for your brand and keep your path forward clear.

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