A user-centered approach to SEO that generates traffic and keeps customers engaged.

Whether you are a brick-and-mortar store, an e-commerce site, or a professional service, Pulse can help your site rank better and attract more visitors.

Your brand, website, and social media outlets must all work in tandem and follow a strategic plan to achieve results.

That’s why our comprehensive approach engages your customers with conversational content while also providing Google structured code the search engine can use to understand your brand’s attributes better

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As part of our SEO services we include:

Preliminary SEO analysis

Before we begin, we do a preliminary SEO audit to understand better the existing situation, your competition, and potential opportunities.

We make every effort to understand your audience.

We will develop a detailed plan to discover your target visitors’ motivations and frustration while interacting with your type of products and services.

A thorough analysis to understand your website’s health and its search engine friendliness.

This item includes a comprehensive technical report that provides actionable tasks and recommendations for immediate and long-term gains.

A thorough technical analysis of the website to identify potential errors such as broken URLs, Canonical errors, duplicate content identification, keyword cannibalisation, speed and indexing issues, and a slew of other updated items should be updated regularly following Google and industry best practices.

Our technical research feeds the on-page optimisation, and we get insights on more than 60+ elements that, when applied, will make a significant difference.

Methodology for Optimising the User Experience

Uncovering how your website’s users navigate through your site is the goal of this complete plan.

Our report looks at ways to improve the website’s navigation and visual elements following UX best practices.

We also correlate the information with user engagement data such as time on site, bounce rates, exit pages, and many more to enhance site speed.

We can assist you in developing a content strategy, and a media plan to boost exposure and conversions.

We analyse what content types might work for your buyer personas at different phases of the purchase funnel to come up with clever ideas.

We study the entire issue, taking into account its breadth and opportunity.

We also look into your competitors’ ideas and data to see which sorts of content have received the most links, social likes, and shares.

Pulse obtains the most valuable and relevant links to assist our clients' websites rise in search rankings.

We collaborate with premium websites to provide you with a complete link building service.

We’ll acquire the links you need to compete by directly contacting websites or by organically acquiring backlinks by creating engaging and helpful link earning assets.

In our efforts to build links, we will employ various tactics, including repairing broken internal and external links; resource links; a skyscraper approach; competitive analysis of connections; citation links; unlinked mentions; sponsored links; and many others.

Our semantic markup services will assist Google in understanding the nature of your website pages, including the Who, What, Where, and When.

We specialise in Semantic SEO, which means that we use artificial intelligence-based techniques to recognise and suggest things inside your content copy so that Google can better understand it.

Our AI capabilities surface your content and match it to entities already created in Wikidata and DBpedia, labelling and linking them to assist Google in organising the information to better in search.

A strategy for dominating your local market.

We have a fantastic Local SEO solution for local businesses that focuses on the following items:

1. NAP (name, address, and phone number), citation generation, construction, and maintenance for sites such as Yelp, Google My Business, and many more sites part of the local ecosystem.
2.  We Create Schema Markup for contact and local pages that are local to your area.
3. Utilize the tools and features from Google My Business.
4. Boost your company’s local pack ranks and appearance in Google search.
5. Create links and mentions that are relevant to your area.
6. Produce valuable local content.

We will submit comprehensive visual and data-driven reports.

We use Google Data Studio and other sources to generate clear reports on the various KPIs, user engagement metrics, and, most importantly, conversions.

We offer professional, customised services focused on growing your business

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