Our SEO Services will help grow your business.

Whether you are a high street retailer, e-commerce or professional service, Pulse can help your site rank higher and attract more visitors.
Your brand, website and social need to work together. Our SEO plan joins all the dots and amplifies your exposure online. With our Content Strategy Service we can help you produce engaging copy to bring people in and drive conversions. Why not get in touch to see how we can help build your online success?

As part of our SEO services we include:

Preliminary SEO analysis

We perform a preliminary SEO analysis to understand your current situation, your competition and opportunities.

We Try To Understand Your Target users

A thorough plan to understand your target users, their motivations and frustration when dealing with your type of products and services.

A thorough analysis to understand your website’s health and its search engine friendliness.

In this complete report, we focus on doing a comprehensive technical analysis of the website to establish all possible errors such as broken URL, Canonical errors, duplicate content identification, keyword cannibalisation, speed and indexing issues and a lot of items which are continually getting updated following Google and the industry’s best practises.

Our technical analysis informs the on-page optimisation and get insights on more than 60+ items that will move the needle once implemented.

A thorough plan to understand how your website users behave when navigating your site.

A complete User experience report to identify what could be the best user experience for the users to fulfil their query’s intention, and therefore address the users query with the best possible landing page.

This report includes looking at ways to improve the navigation of the website, but also visual elements according to UX best practises.

We also match the information with user engagement metrics such as time on site, bounce rates, exit pages and many more to improve the site performance.

A content strategy and media plan to achieve exposure.

Brainstorm content ideas, not only blog posts but other forms of content having in mind the role that Social Media plays in the current state of digital.
In order to come up with great ideas, we analyse what contents works for your buying personas at different stages of the buying cycles.

We look for the What, How, Why, When and Who.  We also look for competitor’s ideas and statistics to know which types of content have earned more links, social likes and shares.

A plan to create the best possible links that will move the need amplify the site exposure.

We create great link building campaigns by identifying the best websites to partner with and conduct manual outreach campaigns to get the links that will improve your website backlink profile.

As part of our link building campaigns we focus on various tactics such as: fixing broken internal and external links; resource links; skyscraper approach; competitors link analysis; citation linking; unlinked mentions; promoted links; and many other case-specific tactics.

Our semantic markup services will help Google understand the nature of your website website pages, the Who’s, What’s, Where’s and When’s.

At Pulse, we specialise in Semantic SEO; we work with Artificial intelligence-based tools to recognise and suggest entities within your content copy. We use Wikidata and DBpedia information to retrieve already created entities to ”help” search engines like Google and Bing to better understand your content, extract meaning, structure your content, serve rich snippets and become more voice-friendly at the same time. We tag Q&A’s, organisation, people, things and many other types of schema available.

A plan to dominate your local market.

For local business, we have a great Local SEO service which focuses on the following items:
1. NAP (name, address and phone number), citations creation, building and fixing for sites such as Yelp, Google My Business and many other sites that are part of the local ecosystem.
2. Create locally relevant Schema Markup for contact pages and local pages.
3. Work with Google My Business tools and features.
4. Improve your business local pack rankings and appearance.
5. Create locally relevant links and mentions.
6. Create locally related content.

We will submit complete visual and data oriented reports.

We use Google Data Studio and other sources to clearly report on the different KPI’s, user engagement metrics and most importantly on conversions.

We offer professional, customised services focused on growing your business

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