LinkedInAds help You Reach the Right Audience

LinkedIn advertising allows your business connect with a powerful professional audience which has a bigger buying power than the usual customer.

As part of our LinkedIn Ads services, we include:

A Thorough Analysis of Your existing account to understand the status quo

If you already have an account, we analyse it in order to understand what can be improved. If you already have a LinkedIn ads account and started to advertise on the platform, we will take a look at the results and see how we can improve your account so that you make better use of your budget.

What are your goals?

if we start from zero, we need to define your business goals and understand your audience’s preferences, which is crucial for choosing the right type of ad. We will explain what your choices are: Direct Sponsored Content and Sponsored Content, Sponsored InMail ads, text ads, or dynamic ads.

WE Set Up and Manage Your Campaign

We  know how to choose the right ad objective, the perfect audience targeting parameters, and the perfect audience attributes (company, demographics, education, job experience, interests).  After setting the budget and the campaign schedule, we set up your ad, review and launch the campaign.


Full Monthly Reports

We provide full monthly reports to offer you detailed information on your Google ads performance. We can discuss and plan further steps together. 

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