Our Google & Bing Ads Services will help grow your business

Pulse is a Google certified partner, and a Bing Accredited Professional. which means that every year we re-qualified by passing a range of tests that measure our understanding of the latest tools. You may rest assured that we are up to date on the latest cutting-edge methods for leveraging the power of online ads.


As part of our Google AdWords services, we include:

A thorough keyword research to understand how your customers search for your product

If you want to reach your exact target audience to create brand awareness, get more leads and boost website traffic and sales, you need to use the right keywords.

If the customers are not searching for your product using the phrases you target, then your campaign will not be successful.  If you target the wrong keywords, you could end up spending lots of money with little to no conversions.

Build Your Business’s Buyer Personas

The success of pay-per-click advertising depends upon a thorough understanding of the client’s business goals and the implementation of a detailed media plan. Our professionals will meet with your team to gain a detailed understanding of your business’ short-term, medium-term and long-term goals and design a strategy to achieve those. Your key goal may be to grow your customer database, sell more products or build brand awareness. We will design a strategy that’s in tune with your specific aims.

Before launching a PPC campaign, you need to know who your customers are and what do they want, and how they’re searching for it.

Creating buyer personas is essential for any business: if you don’t know who you’re targeting, how can you possibly expect to connect with them and convert them into buyers?

So, before doing anything, complete your buying personas with detailed descriptions including identifying characteristics (age, gender, location, motivations, interests, beliefs, and emotional responses). Be as specific as possible. You can even use names and photos for your ‘imaginary” characters.

A concrete buyer persona helps you better understand your customers and prospects so you no longer have to guess about what they might like, want, need, or respond to.

New campaign setup

Our Google Ads and bing campaigns are sustainable investment, often paying for themselves within a few weeks. Depending on what you need needs, we can:

    • Design a new campaign from scratch
    • Improve your existing campaign
    • Manage your campaigns to maximise returns
Campaign Management

Each week, we take a look through your account to see if all settings are optimized and if there is  room to improve the specifics of your targeting to spend that budget more effectively. 

A thorough account analysis to understand your advertising needs

A thorough audit of existing campaigns will help us understand how we can help you maximise profit. As a Google certified partner and Bing Accredited Profesional,  Pulse proves that our consultants are up to date by passing a range of annual tests that measure our understanding of the latest tools. This guarantees that we are across the latest developments in the search marketing arena.

  • Our Approach
    1. More traffic – We design a campaign to boost your traffic without raising your costs.
    2. Quality traffic – It’s not just a question of more users – it’s about the right users. We help you find the traffic you want.
    3. Low costs – Don’t pay more per click than you really need to. By using negative keywords, we avoid wasteful spending on keywords that are not generating value. We can improve your quality score by optimising the PPC campaign, thereby improving your ad rankings while lowering costs.
    4. Bigger returns – In the end, it’s the return on investment that counts. Our campaigns are driven by your business goals – you’ll be impressed by the dramatic improvement in efficiency and impact that we can deliver.

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Monthly Reporting

We provide full monthly reports to offer you detailed information on your Google ads performance. We can discuss and plan further steps together. 

CRO - conversion rate optimisation

Our process is methodic, brainstorming ideas based on behavioural data insights and user engagement metrics, such as bounce rate, time spent on page and conversions.

We use systems like Hotjar to analyse users navigation patterns, to identify what are the users interested in, what and which are their pain points when navigating your landing pages.

Some of the questions we ask are:

Are the users finding what they are looking for easily?

How is the landing page speed affecting the user behaviours?

Is the unique value proposition explaining the service or product well?

Are the call to actions visible and enticing?

We offer professional, customised services focused on growing your business

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