Monitor the progress of the most important KPIs

It is important to report campaign results so that you can monitor the progress of the most important KPIs. Based on the reported results, we can make changes to optimize ad performance to make the most out of your budget.


As part of our Data analysis & visualisation services, we include:

Planning is everything

We help you set on the right foot by making the right settings from the very beginning of the campaign. While anyone can use Google Analytics, we can help you align it with your specific business goals to generate a measurement plan that will help your business achieve its objectives. Meaningful data is key here, and we know how to use Google Analytics to generate data that tells you in minute detail how users are interacting with your site or app. You’ll understand your strengths and weaknesses and you’ll be able to make informed decisions to achieve real improvements.

Understand most important KPIs

We help you define the most important KPIs for your business and we constantly analyse them to spot optimisation opportunities.

A thorough plan to understand your target users' behaviour

A thorough plan to understand your target users (personas) to identify what sort of content they might be interested in, where to find them and how to incentivise them to convert into buyers.

A thorough analysis to indentify the best marketing/advertising channel

We help you understand what channel brings your business more profit.

Use your budget wisely

We help you make the most of your budget by constantly adjusting your campaigns. We are experienced in handling both raw and formatted data and use visualization techniques to present the results. We use Excel, Google Analytics, Adobe Analytics, Google Cloud Platform including, Big Query, Spreadsheet, Google Data Studio and Slide. On Social Listening, we use Radarly, Brandwatch, and Sprinklr.

Measure the performance of your campaigns

We keep an eye on your campaigns so that we can constantly improve their performance. We present your data in an inspiring way by using an infographic rather than a piece of text. We create interactive infographics which can be used internally or publicly.

Some of the companies that trusted us

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