CRO is a series of processes and approaches to identify why certain users don't convert on a site, landing page, form, etc.

CRO has two aspects: one based on facts and science, and another on heuristics.

Not everything CRO is scientific, as marketing follows proven laws about how our brains make decisions based on emotions, biases, and mental models rather than a rational sequence.

We employ heuristics to challenge why a group isn’t converting.

All this together, art and science create variants; maybe the tone of the text is off. Maybe the “colours are wrong” or the CTA’s are too low in the navigation. Maybe the story is wrong, the page is slow, or the mobile version is confusing.

All these questions, and many others, are examined using user recording software to determine what interests users. This technique helps firms focus more on customer needs and less on their own views and prejudices, which in turn improves client acquisition and retention.


Pulse believes in smart marketing that drives sales and delivers intelligence to grow your business.

As part of our CRO strategies, we include following:

Create a buyer persona for your company.

Our buyer persona mapping considers your client’s pain points and gains, the difficulties they are attempting to solve, and how your product or service might assist them.

Before you launch an SEO campaign, you must first understand who your customers are, what they want, and how to provide the solution using intelligent insights, content, and images.

A solid customer profile allows you to better address your customers and prospects with a message that will resonate with them more than if you hadn’t taken the time to consider them in the first place.

To determine what works and doesn’t, we must isolate unique variables or things and expose them to enough similar traffic to evaluate the results. When utilised effectively and with common sense, it can assist in identifying factors that are prompting consumers to bounce back instead of calling your firm.

At Pulse, we use a systematic approach to diagnose and repair any account, allowing you to have confidence in your data and make the most of your digital marketing spending. The analytics health check will assist in identifying and resolving issues. As a result, your GA quality data and strategic business solutions will improve.

Our CRO service isolates traffic and user demographics that make statistical sense using Google analytics segments. These cohorts can include mobile visitors who arrived at a product page via organic search or desktop users who saw a promotion on Facebook and subsequently completed the purchase via mobile.

Our CRO programs use tools like Hot jar to determine where portions of the website users are clicking or looking at. Having user recordings and heatmaps helps us collect statistical data to utilise it to create actionable plans to test and analyse.

Our UX designers are well-versed in the science of understanding users as a journey with an experience. People who navigate will not spend much time seeking the critical call to action. If your landing page was not carefully built with the user in mind, you are most likely losing clients and money; our CRO plans seek to solve this all-too-common problem.

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