Business dashboards and storytelling are two of the most successful ways to display data in an easy-to-understand, aesthetically appealing, and coherent manner.

Pulse believes in smart marketing that drives sales and delivers intelligence to grow your business

We pay a lot of attention to data, dashboards, and storytelling at Pulse because we recognise that a lot of what we do is explaining, and explanation is, in our opinion, the most underappreciated component of marketing.
We are also experts at merging hard business information with marketing and sales figures to provide a picture of how these three sectors interact with one another.

Our data visualisation and dashboards will turn your raw data into useful insights and simple reports.

As part of our marketing intelligence dashboards we offer:

Our website marketing performance dashboards are designed to show how your marketing activities and website visitors are doing.

Instead of publishing 50 metrics that most c-level executives aren’t interested in reading, we focused on metrics that are relevant to your business and will provide you with actionable insights.

For firms whose sales are focused on lead generation, our CRM and dashboards aim to understand how sales are performing, how marketing is assisting sales, and what the return on investment is.

These reports, which are always focused on useful statistics and practical insights, will help you determine whether or not sales and marketing are aligned. And, if misaligned, what areas require additional attention?

We offer professional, customised services focused on growing your business

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“I have worked with Nico and his team over 5 years, and would be LOST without him. His knowledge is encyclopaedic, his approach methodical and his enthusiasm to deliver results genuine. I highly recommend Nico to be part of your team, for the long haul”

Max King

CEO of Auscare Support - NDIS provider in NSW

Why Pulse Agency?

Very few agencies can offer all these things at once.

  • A strategy-first approach. We don’t rush clients into a one-size-fits-all strategy. We look closely at each specific challenge before proposing solutions – not the other way around.
  • A personalised service that puts the client’s business and customers at the centre of the strategy.
  • Critical thinking that seeks to understand your customers as more than users, gaining insights into their needs and motivations.
  • A campaign that generates rich data that can tell you more about your business and its customers, helping you set and achieve new goals.
  • A commitment to building your business. We don’t focus on the superficial wins, but on how your online presence can really connect you with your customers.
  • Reasonable pricing. Our business model is designed to keep your costs down while delivering a premium service.
  • Relationships that last for years. Many of our clients have come to see us as strategic partners who are as committed to their success as they are.
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