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Social media is an incredibly powerful, efficient arena where the right kind of engagement can deliver results across the full range of your digital marketing and business strategies – SEO, customer relations, brand recognition and customer data gathering.


As part of our Social media services, we include:

A thorough plan to understand your target users

A thorough plan to understand your target users (personas) to identify what sort of content they might be interested in, where to find them and how to incentivise them to take action.

Grow Your Engagement

Social media is about engaging customers and identifying the influencers who can become your brand ambassadors.

Studies show that not only are customers willing to promote your brand, but when they do, they become more committed and loyal customers. When people share ‘likes’, participate in your social media games and competitions, and discuss your brand, products or services online this not only generates customer engagement and loyalty while offering the opportunity to gain new customers – it also helps you understand your customers better, their motivations, their passions and their needs. And all while driving traffic and serving your SEO strategy.


Understanding the Big Picture

Social media is also about generating the data you need to understand your customers. The Facebook social graph is a tool that allows businesses to segment their followers and analyse the data in-depth, while Twitter, YouTube, Google+ and Instagram, among others, can help you understand trends identify potential influencers in real time.

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