In October 2012, Eqwealth contacted Pulse for assistance to increase traffic to their website and raise the awareness of Eqwealth across the financial sector.

The Challenge

Eqwealth had invested thousand of dollars in PPC advertising and SEO without having achieved any of the two goals, with very low rankings and poor content strategy the situation was going nowhere. After several meetings with the different areas of the firm, we gathered information from the different specialists and marketing assistants we were able to start working.

The Solution


Pulse conducted a thorough analysis of both the finance industry and Eqwealth competitors including financial firms with hundreds of certified financial advisors and dedicated marketing teams. After gathering all the information, and having selected the right set of keywords, we started with a complete website optimisation identifying the strong areas and implementing a content strategy based on case studies and blog posts.

We also designed and carried out a PPC campaign using Google Adwords and LinkedIn to target more specific long tail keywords (clients with very specific needs). Pulse also addressed their social media presence, establishing Google plus to develop Eqwealth authorship and Twitter to establish reputation within relevant financial topics.



Month one – The clients website structure was strategically redesigned to better respond to all search engine algorithms, while respecting the design elements of the site that were working well. From there, the focus was to create a link building strategy which consisted of creating relevant links back to the website from a variety of credible search engine indexed sites around the Internet.

Months two – The results started to appear as a result of researching and identifying additional relevant keywords, modifying the site structure to best incorporate them and continuing to expand the link building strategy that was implemented in the beginning of the SEO process.

Results: Having achieved page one for most of the keywords and an outstanding #2 ranking for the very profitable and competitive keyword ‘’life risk insurance’’ organic traffic website increased by 78%. Online visibility increased by 62% by having more keywords ranked and new clients also increased dramatically by 35% as a result of more inbound traffic. Below is a sample of some of keywords that were improved and also the Website visibility evolution, the website is now rankings very well for over 100+ keywords.






Source: Rank Tracker (Website visibility graph)






Source: Rank Tracker (Rankings report).


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