Our "B2B Lead Gen Turbo" service aims to help businesses that primarily sell to other companies.


We help our clients acquire leads and manage the sales process. This is done through a system that uses customer segmentation, traffic generation, sales scripts, manual outreach, and marketing automation.

Our process seeks to determine who your best potential clients are and how relevant your offer is before starting the conversation.

We build custom databases using tools such as LinkedIn and search for your clients either on LinkedIn, Facebook or even by email.

We usually write a series of sales messages or email sequences to test which messages resonate best.

Finally, we use CRM technology to automate the live meeting scheduling process. We also keep all the conversations in one record, including phone calls, chats, or social media interactions you may have had with the person.

Pulse believes in smart marketing that drives sales and delivers intelligence to grow your business.

As part of our services, we include following:

Create a buyer persona for your company.

Our buyer persona mapping considers your client’s pain points and gains, the difficulties they are attempting to solve, and how your product or service might assist them.

Before you launch an SEO campaign, you must first understand who your customers are, what they want, and how to provide the solution using intelligent insights, content, and images.

A solid customer profile allows you to better address your customers and prospects with a message that will resonate with them more than if you hadn’t taken the time to consider them in the first place.

Do you need to track how many calls have been made to a given business branch? Or perhaps how many things are sold in a particular region? Our tracking and measurement system considers all of your company’s diverse goals, tools, and processes to present the information as accurately as possible with the amount of detail required by your team.

We constantly monitor your campaign’s performance.

To ensure your ads continue to bring great ROI, we constantly monitor your campaign’s performance. performance and make the necessary adjustments (decrease the under-performing ads, boost budgets of top-performer ads, and start new campaigns based on pre-set performance triggers, etc.).

Simplified data shows you what you need to know to gain essential insights and improve your business.
Our business reporting can incorporate data from your call monitoring software, CRM, or just tell you the outcomes you want to see for specific campaigns.

All campaigns have numerical objective values based on past data analysis or business goals communicated with you at the beginning of the campaign.

Some of the companies that trusted us

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“I have worked with Nico and his team over 5 years, and would be LOST without him. His knowledge is encyclopaedic, his approach methodical and his enthusiasm to deliver results genuine. I highly recommend Nico to be part of your team, for the long haul”

Max King

CEO of Auscare Support - NDIS provider in NSW)

Why Pulse Agency?

Very few agencies can offer all these things at once.

  • A strategy-first approach. We don’t rush clients into a one-size-fits-all strategy. We look closely at each specific challenge before proposing solutions – not the other way around.
  • A personalised service that puts the client’s business and customers at the centre of the strategy.
  • Critical thinking that seeks to understand your customers as more than users, gaining insights into their needs and motivations.
  • A campaign that generates rich data that can tell you more about your business and its customers, helping you set and achieve new goals.
  • A commitment to building your business. We don’t focus on the superficial wins, but on how your online presence can really connect you with your customers.
  • Reasonable pricing. Our business model is designed to keep your costs down while delivering a premium service.
  • Relationships that last for years. Many of our clients have come to see us as strategic partners who are as committed to their success as they are.

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