Client: Marriot Australia Hotels

Tasks performed:

  • Branding and design

Marriott Australia Hotels engaged Pulse to develop the new branding & marketing campaign called ”Travel Brilliantly”. We developed a new brand concept for all four Australian hotels.

Pulse adapted the global strategy for the Australian market, including a new look for the website and a new logo for the brand, as well as enhanced social media platforms.






The Challenge

When we created the new brand visuals, we tried to preserve the iconic image of the hotel, while modernising its overall image.

Also include the Australian iconography and ”quality of life’ values to represent the four Australia

The Solution


We managed to create appealing visuals that are emblematic of the new Marriott experience, which shifts the focus from the traditional industry idea, celebrating the new values of the next generation guest.


















The idea behind the new branding campaign revolved around the next generation guest, who tends to blend work and play in a mobile and global world.  

As the advertising proclaims: “This is not a hotel. It’s an idea that travel should be brilliant… It’s not only about where you’re staying. It’s about where you’re going