Introduction: Who is Scott Gooding ?


Scott Gooding is a passionate cook, health coach and personal trainer working in Australia. He teaches healthy lifestyles through online information and inspiration, demos, presentations, classes, and TV appearances. In 2013 he appeared on Channel 7’s My Kitchen Rules, which allowed him to share his version of healthy food with Australians. He is the co-author of the bestselling Clean Living series of books and cookbooks. In 2018 he published the bestselling books The Keto Diet and The Keto Diet Cookbook.




Together with Cliff Harvey, Glenn Macintosh and Neera Scott, other renowned specialised in the fields of nutrition and mindfulness, they built, an 8-week program to help improve people’s health with a holistic approach. 



What is ? is an 8-week program designed by Scott Gooding and a group of experts to help recharge people’s systems and get them firing on all cylinders again.




The Challenge


Given how competitive the health industry is, our challenge was to help to stand above the competitors by really showing who the people behind the program were and incentivise users to test the program. What distinguished this program was the specialists and celebrities behind it. Pulse Agency needed to find a way to market that advantage to best serve the program’s marketing.



The Solution

The strategy, or some of it…

Using SEO, pay per click (Facebook and Instagram) and a series of short videos, we informed and nurtured the audience by providing lots of free useful content as well as showing the benefits of the course and promotions.

Having tons of great assets, we built Scott as the epicentre of our strategy influencing both the SEO aspects and the social persona he already was. By building a thorough measurement plan, we could easily identify the right audience and improve the conversion rate dramatically.





Users: + 38.94%

New users: + 39.23 %

Sessions: + 49.24 %

Bounce rate: – 9.71 %

Pages per session: + 6.44 %

Average session duration: + 11.97 %

Goal completion rate: + 229.29 %

Goal completion: + 391.43 %

Goal value: + 152,33 %

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