The Ingham Institute’s world-class medical research is rooted in and driven by the needs of our local South West Sydney community.  We are committed to inspiring better health of our local community and transforming the treatment and care of people living with common medical conditions and disease.



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The Challenge


Back in July 2018, we received an interesting brief from a partner agency – Walter Wakefield- to develop a digital campaign to promote specific clinical trials in a specific region within Sydney and to a number of groups including migrant communities who don’t speak English as a first language or have very limited understanding of it.


What are clinical trials?
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Finding the audience who is interested in becoming part of clinical trials is not something we thought was going to be easy at all.

Facebook and Google are very restrictive towards medical campaigns, due to risks associated, hence the restrictions towards the claims a brand can do or things it can show make things even more difficult.


The Solution


Working with some of the least compelling creatives, we have a couple of assets on our side. Ingham institute’s reputation and the NSW Health logo as big trusting element.

We created a series of simple videos, targeting the persona users in their own language. We were lucky, we found the audience pretty early in the test phase and the conversions started flowing.

We also run search ads in specific regions and optimised for high converting keywords.






USERS: + 870

Sessions: + 1,025

Goal completions (people interested in being part of Clinical trials): + 2820 %

Goal conversion rate
: + 163%



Recommendation via Linkedin: Adrian Kotik – Director Walter Wakefield.