Market overview – Employment law in Sydney – updated

Please note the data comes from Semrush dated 6th, July 2020
The law employment law area is a very competitive space for any player in the market.
The keyword has a clear search intent (people looking for employment lawyers in Sydney) and its quite profitable. Meaning, users actually call law firms using Google to search for them



The Challenge

According to the SEMrush the exact keyword – not counting al the variations, i.e find employers lawyers in Sydney’’ which count as a different keyword. 

The keyword ‘’employment lawyer Sydney’’  has a high search volume of 720 users per month (in aggregate would be on the thousands), the competition is very high and if you have to pay for a click even in this times o COVID 19 would be around $4.00 a click, back in 12 without a recession was around 20 dollars I’m not mistaken.




In January 2010, JFM & Co-Employment Lawyers contacted Pulse Agency for assistance to achieve two goals; first to direct more traffic to their website and second to increase the awareness of the JFM & Co Law practice.

JFM & Co Law had invested thousands of dollars in PPC advertising and an SEO strategy without achieving either of their two goals, with very low rankings and poor content strategy the situation was going nowhere. After several meetings with key lawyers, we gathered a lot of information and started work.

The Solution


Pulse Agency conducted a thorough analysis of both the industry and our clients’ competitors which included law firms actively engaged in successful marketing and SEO strategies including some of the biggest law firms in Sydney. 

After gathering all the information, and having selected the right set of keywords, we started with a complete website optimisation identifying the strong areas and incorporating content strategy based on case studies.

We also implemented a PPC campaign using Google Ads and LinkedIn ads to target more specific long-tail keywords (clients with very specific needs), establishing Google plus to develop JFM & Co Law authorship and Twitter to establish a reputation within employment law area.

First month:

The client’s website structure was strategically redesigned to better respond to all search engine algorithms. From there,  the focus was a link building strategy, which consisted of creating relevant links back to a website from a variety of credible industry-related sites.

Second month:

This period involved researching and identifying additional relevant keywords, modifying the site structure to best incorporate them and continuing to expand the link building strategy that was implemented in the beginning. As we continued linking the website to additional credible websites the rankings started to improve.

This time is also a maintenance period in which all changes were monitored closely to ensure they were working to the advantage of the website. Reports were generated on a weekly basis to compare the site’s progression through the search engine rankings over previous weeks. Relevant changes were made to ensure the success of the campaign. Below is a hint of some of the lawyer’s areas rankings, the website is now rankings very well for over 100 keywords


Content strategy – pillar pages:

View from the site in 2012.

Pillar pages or topical hubs, what are they?  Explained by Andrea Volpini from Worlift 

A technique that became later very popular and we implemented without knowing. Its basically grouping the content based on a topic that is interlinked with all the sub-topics. For example Unfair dismissal ais a sub-topic of employment law.

Search engines love it because of the semantic connexion of the pillar page, the sub-pages and users love it because it makes sense.


jfm_ aw old blog view


View of the blog back 2012. Please note this content has been replaced.

Pillar pages, work more in the sense of creating a big topic page covering all the sub-topics, and also creating pages for those subtopics link back to the ‘’ mother page’’ and in between them

Marketing to the buyer persona:

One of the best ideas back then was to write about specific examples to attract users attention. For example, instead of just talking about unfair dismissal, we talked about unfair dismissal in a restaurant.  This strategy gave us a lot of long-tail traffic.


Rankings back in 2012 –


Some of the keywords rankings 1-10 even after several years


Leads: unfortunately back in 2012 we didn’t have CallRail to record the phone leads, nor analytics was too good to record leads numbers.

The people at JFM Law told us anecdotally that the leads (converted and non converted were on the hundreds a month

Traffic grew from a few hundred a months to more than 1k visitors from NSW per month.

traffic stats employment lawyer



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