About Tyrrells Property Inspections  


Tyrrells Property Inspections was formed in 1983 by architect and builder Jerry Tyrrell and builder Peter Ellis. Their aim is to provide a reliable source of experienced, independent and well-qualified building consultants for accurate advice.

With over 100k inspections, ISO certification and a team of 30+ consultants is the leader of the building inspections industry in NSW.



The challenge


With a dated and mobile-unfriendly website,  Tyrrells approached Pulse to improve its marketing performance. The market was saturated with low-end consultants charging very little for poor service.

The Solution


Using  video, written content and strong search engine campaign (both SEO and PPC campaigns), we managed to achieve great organic and paid rankings for Tyrrells:

We established the right trust signals and explained to the potential customers why Tyrrells was a different player in the market.

We also redevelop the website with a mobile-first approach.



The campaign results for February 2020 are:



Users: Up by 29.84%

New users: up by 27.50%

Sessions: up by 50.57%

Bounce Rate: down by 27.65%

Pages/sessions: down by 10.26%

Average sessions duration: Up by 82.12% In this case, users were staying around
1:25 seconds at the website and now they are spending 2:40 seconds

Goal conversion rate: Up by 156.17%

Goal completions: up by 285.71%

Google.com.au  ranking: 6th, May 2020 for the most important keyword: ”building inspections sydney” #1



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