We’ve had an exciting time of it recently working closely with an online digital magazine/flipbook company to try to improve their rankings and get them more exposure. The company was not actively prospecting for leads and was relying very heavily on AdWords, which provided 90% of the brands’ revenue. A comparatively tiny amount of sales were being generated via organic search and referrals. Despite developing a unique and innovative product in the publishing space, their marketing strategy fell down in search and word-of-mouth discovery. Our goal was to get the brand and their products out there and to showcase the unique publications our client offers.

The Challenge

Our client was operating in a very competitive market, with a lot of big brands to compete within the AdWords space. The cost per click was increasing every day, which made the business acquisition plan unreliable and unsustainable in the long term. Therefore maximising potential opportunities in other areas was paramount to growth. By employing some simple techniques and tried and tested methods we aimed to drive more business to our client over a two-month period.

The Solution

We began our efforts by working on improving the page authority for every internal page on our client’s website. We divided their overall website into landing pages for specific areas and products. Using targeted keywords, we were able to improve relevance of copy used and thus improve the page authority for each individual page. High-level category landing pages tailored around specific products and located on a root domain are shown to significantly improved ranking by directly ameliorating domain authority.

By tailoring each page to one product we were not only able to work on improving authority for every product in their line but also get feedback and statistics on the performance of each product independently. This allowed our client to discern which products were performing well and which needed a more focus and targeted marketing campaign.

In order to establish our client in their market, we leveraged a press release campaign that highlighted the innovative nature of the end product they deliver to their customers.

By carefully crafting well-targeted and informative copy we were able to bring traffic and organic citations from external online sources. The increase in organic traffic and referral links allowed for better lead exposure and a lower price paid per lead over time. Links are an important factor but just one of the factors in improving domain authority, since the latest algorithm changes from Google. We focused on creating some high quality content to aid great guest posting placements in relevant industry related blogs that provided more organic citations. This not only helped as a link-building tactic, it had the bonus advantage of directing more regular traffic back to our client’s site.

Some of the guest-posting examples are:

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Over the two-month period our client saw a significant rise in overall search placement, and improved keyword rankings in some key areas. We saw noteworthy growth in total organic search visits, with traffic from non-paid sources growing steadily over the course of our campaign. Our focus on creating engaging, original content and securing quality guest posts meant that the authority of links coming to our clients’ homepage improved dramatically.

By highlighting the distinctive nature of our client’s products in a press release, we were able to shine a light on areas of the business that were not properly exposed on their site previously. In working with our client we learned that a search engine optimisation campaign using link-building strategies like guest posting and targeted keywords can still work. By focusing on quality content and highlighting your unique selling point, rankings will benefit and leads will follow.







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