By Pedro Menezes

PPC case study: Furniture rental industry

City/Region: Detroit, US.

Type of campaign: Google search

We were contacted by a Furniture rental company based in Detroit, US back in May 15 to take over their search campaign as the results were in their words ‘’very porr’’.

The challenge was to improve the campaign’s performance without increasing the ad spent.


1-We worked on optimizing each landing page, creating more targeted ad campaigns (matching ads with each landing page content) and therefore matching the ads promise with the client’s expectations.

2- adding the right negative keywords to avoid spending in non profitable keywords.

3- Bidding aggressively on the keywords that where part of the consideration-buying customer journey.

The results before and after

  1. Clicks: Before 99 After 188
  2. CTR: Before 2.5% After 3.9%
  3. Conversions: Before 5 After 14
  4. Conversion Rate: Before 5.1% After 7.4%
  5. Cost per conversion: Before $ 76.70 After $28.06
  6. Average Position: Before 2.3 After 2.9
  7. Average CPC: Before $2.09 After $ 3.87

Website stats May 2015

Website stats September 2015



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